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Instructions for completing new patient and existing patient forms

(please print page)

          NEW PATIENTS

          1.  Select new patient forms at the right of home page, enter last and first names as instructed.  You                       must also choose an appointment date to proceed.  (choose the next day as your appointment date,                   regardless of when your actual appointment is). 

          2.  Click submit, a new window will appear listing all forms that need completed. Select the forms one at                 a time and click submit after each.

          3.  Close the window when finished.


          1.  Select patient information at the right of home page, choose the box that says sign up, (this is where                 you will create a username and password). This is the only time you will need to register, you will

               only need to log in in the future when updating any information. 

          2.  Enter only the insured's and/or responsible party's information to register.  This will complete step 1

               of the registration process. 

          3.  After 24 hours, you will need to return to and select

              patient information again, this time you can log in in top box using the username and password you                    created.  Once you have logged in, select the forms tab at top of window, use the drop down box to                    choose each member of the family, and complete each set of forms for each person.  Click submit

              after each form is completed, (the screen will return to the list of forms after each is submitted.